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Addendum - Post construction cleaning contract.

  1. SHM Cleaning will start services upon completion of construction work and if no construction personnel are present. SHM Cleaning will not be responsible for re-cleaning any areas already serviced if damaged by construction activity during or after cleaning is completed.
  2. Any additional cleaning, or delays or interruptions caused by construction activity, will be additionally charged.

  3. SHM Cleaning will notify the signatory or payer of the cleaning contract immediately upon completion of cleaning service, by phone/VM, text, or email, as directed by the signatory or payer for the cleaning contract.
  4. Signatory or payer for cleaning service, upon receiving notification, will within 2 hours after receiving above notification, approve unconditionally completion of work by text message, email, personal visit, or by dispatching an authorized representative.
  5. No response to notification within 2 hours constitutes approval of completed cleaning.

  6. SHM Cleaning expects full payment for contractually completed service with payer's notification as listed above , item 2.
  7. Any additional cleaning after the 2 hour notification will be additionally charged. SHM Cleaning will not be responsible for any work quality disputes beyond the 2 hour notification as listed above, item 2. We will maintain a photographic record of the home's condition before and after cleaning.
  8. Payment is due upon completion of work and notification of signatory or payer of cleaning contract.
  9. Special Note:
    Construction material residues such as paint, concrete, tile grout, caulk/sealant, rust, wood stains and coatings, asphalt/tar, or oil may be difficult to remove from certain surfaces, and may require additional charges. Similarly for coffee, blood, urine and feces. Areas of concern will be noted and discussed before cleaning commences.